Modern Supernatural Chemical Resistant Quartz Countertop
Modern Supernatural Chemical Resistant Quartz Countertop
Modern Supernatural Chemical Resistant Quartz Countertop

Modern Supernatural Chemical Resistant Quartz Countertop

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The pearly white background is crossed with crackling dark gray textures, which surge on the illuminated shell-like surface with their reddish background, and print a dynamic dimension on the polished veneer with a truly innovative and unique design. The quartz stone countertop full of natural feeling is a gorgeous trip between the senses and the skin. Here, it is in close contact with the texture of space, awakening the skin's senses' multiple feelings about nature, technology and aesthetics, as well as their simple love for life.

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Model504 Lumena
MaterialHigh purity acid-washed 93% quartz stone, 7% polymer material and a small amount of inorganic.
Thickness12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and etc.
SizeSlab size: 1250*3050mm, 1450*3050mm,1650*3050mm
Countertop: 25"*96", 26"*96", 26"*108", 28"*108", custom sizes
Vanity: 22"*25", 22"*37", 22"*49", 22"*61", custom sizes
EdgeFull bullnose, waterfall, ogee, eased, dupont and etc.
FinishPolished, Honed, Antique, Abrasive Blasting
ApplicationWidely used in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, island countertops and so on.
ColorWhite, Black, Red, Blue, Brown, base on samples.
PackageStrong wooden crates or based on customer's request.
Production time30-40 days for normal order.
Delivery portShanghai Or Ningbo
Warranty period10 years after installation without man-made damage.
Quality controlSize tolerance: ±0.5mm ~±1mm
Glossiness: 90 degree polished or up
Payment termsSmall orders: 50% of amount as deposit, balance before loading.
Big orders: 30-40% as deposit, 5% of amount as project quality guarantee.
Main MarketOceania/North America/Middle East/North Euro

Some Points Not To Be Done On Quartz Stone Countertops

When we usually cook and stir-fry in the kitchen, it is inevitable that we will encounter bumps. I suggest that you don't choose a right-angled table top, because the corners are too sharp and it is easy to do harm to our health. When customizing the cabinet, the corners of the operating table must be polished into rounded corners, so that there will be no impact when you touch it.

The coarser the particles on the quartz table, the more impurities there are. Coarse-grained countertops are cheap, but they are far less beautiful and durable than fine-grained countertops. It is suggested that when you make kitchen cabinet countertops, you should choose fine-grained countertops or non-granular countertops. These two countertops have better polishing process and smaller internal pores, which are not easy to cause discoloration and yellowing after long-term use, and can well retain the luster even after long-term use.

The density of quartz stone is an important index for screening quartz stone. It is suggested that you choose high-density quartz stone, which has smaller internal pores, higher purity, durability and is not easy to change color.

Generally speaking, the thicker the quartz stone countertop, the longer the service life, but we can't blindly pursue the thickness. Too thick countertops will also affect the bearing capacity and overall height of the cabinet. It is recommended that you do not choose quartz stone countertops with a thickness of less than 1.5cm, because it is easy to crack, especially if you encounter heavy objects or put overheated items on the countertops, which will affect its service life.




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Q1. Where should quartz stone be used?

Quartz stone should be used indoor, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom and vanity top, where are not be exposed to direct sunshine.

Q2. Why should we use quartz stone better than natural stone?

Quartz stone has higher density and hardness, more durable, better consistent color tone, less water absorption and less maintenance.

Q3. What about delivery time?

Delivery time is 30-40 days after received the confirm order qty and payment. 

But please confirm the exact delivery time with us as different products and different order quantity will have different leading time. Thanks for your kindly cooperation in advance.

Q4. Can you supply samples?

Yes, for the sample cost, we will charge accordingly, while it can be refunded in the mass order.