Classic Freestanding Eco Friendly Walk-In Closet

Classic Freestanding Eco Friendly Walk-In Closet

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The simple and atmospheric high-definition cabinet structure of the wardrobe has a steady Chinese aesthetic feeling in the tradition, showing everyone's demeanor and an open storage pattern. It provides a large amount of storage space and finely depicts the material shape, which is undoubtedly beyond the ordinary dust. In the wardrobe design, the space is transformed into a living body interwoven with practicality and aesthetics. The whole space is divided into an open display long and short clothing area and a closed luggage area, and red-brown solid wood is used with shaker door panels to make the whole space more stable and dignified.

Classic Freestanding Eco Friendly Walk-In Closet

Classic Freestanding Eco Friendly Walk-In Closet Specification

Cabinet typeClassic Freestanding Eco Friendly Walk-In Closet
Door panel22 mm solid wood door panel.
Cabinet box16/18mm plywood with melamine finish
16/18mm chipboard (particle board) with melamine finish
16/18mm plywood with birch veneer painting finish
Door modelFlat/Shaker door panel
HardwareBLUM/DTC/other other hardware brand
Wardrobe AccessoriesAluminum clothes rail/Pulling out inner drawer boxes/Aluminum pants rack/Rattan basket
LED induction light/Multi-functional jewelry box/Scalable dressing mirror
MOQCustomized unit - 1 set
PackageFlat package or Assembly package which depends on customer
Production time30-35 days for normal order
Delivery portShanghai Or Ningbo
Optional ItemsWhich can be select from hardware accessories catalog.
Warranty period10 years after installation without man-made damage.
Payment termsSmall orders: 40% of amount as deposit, balance before loading.
Big orders: 30% as deposit, balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment.
After serviceAll things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation.
Main MarketOceania/North America/Middle East/North Euro

Customized Wardrobe

Wardrobe is one of the basic configurations of family decoration and bedroom design, and it is the most important cabinet for family storage. What matters needing attention in wardrobe design can be reasonable, practical and beautiful?

Selection of cabinet door. The wardrobe should choose a sliding door or a sliding door. In fact, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In rooms with small space, sliding doors are more suitable. However, because one side of the sliding door is blocked every time you open the door, you can't see it at a glance. It is suggested to install an induction light strip inside the cabinet, which will make it more convenient to find clothes. If the room space is large, it is recommended that you install a sliding door, because the sealing effect of the sliding door is better, and the moisture-proof and mildew-proof performance far exceeds that of the sliding door.

Selection of plates. The thickness of the plate is very important, the door panel is generally about 18mm, and it is recommended to choose 9mm for the back panel. Most home custom brands will choose to use particle board, because of its good stability, it can also meet the environmental protection standard E1, but we must be optimistic about whether the edge sealing is tight. In addition, there are multi-layer solid wood boards, which are better than particle boards in environmental protection, but they are less stable and easy to deform when used as wardrobes.

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Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet

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Walk-In Closet

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Q1. What's our furniture products range?

Our furniture has high quality and reasonable price: Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobes, Bathroom Vanity and all kinds of custom cabinets.

Q2. How to order cabinets?

1. Customers provides the design plan of the room, supply the interested style photos, and offer the size of the room, our designer will make the exactly designs. After the drawings are approved, the kitchen cabinet can be put into production.

2. Customers provide the drawings. When the design details are comfirmed, the kitchen cabinet can be put into production.

Q3. What about delivery time & MOQ?

Delivery time is 40-50 days after received the confirm order qty and payment. 

MOQ is 1 set kitchen cabinet.

Q4. Can you supply samples?

Yes, for the sample cost, we will charge accordingly, while it can be refunded in the mass order.