The Kitchen Cabinets Body Of Design

Author:RosenKitchen, 2024-04-12

Chinese culture is the emotional culture, Chinese art is full of symbols and symbolic art, showing the philosophy of the aesthetic tendencies - Chinese landscape painting "or emphasize the philosophical show, or emphasis on lyrical expression. Symbols and symbolism - more precisely, should be the pursuit of harmony between man and nature, and reflect the understanding of life and feeling creative thinking - it is the charm of Chinese art, we do not advocate discarded. However, the traditional symbols and symbolism no longer meets the requirements of the times. The simple return Herringbone, Founder of the form and should not be an enduring symbol of this art. Styled modern Chinese style kitchen cabinets to study only the shape of the kitchen cabinets pattern change, to change one or two totem, or add some paper clips and even the Han Dynasty ornamentation is Chinese kitchen cabinets. Western culture is a rational culture, Western art is full of human art, showing the tendency of scientific and aesthetic, ergonomic the Western kitchen cabinets design system! Popular kitchen cabinets on the term "pop" the most contact with clothing and beauty! I strongly recommend that popular kitchen cabinets is sold on the market a unique shape and bright colors, it is modern fashionable kitchen cabinets.

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In modern society, the primary factor affecting the kitchen cabinets selection has been converted for visual effects, to integrate the external elements, and innovative task is done by design. Modern home has the following advantages:

1, the shape of the United States of modern kitchen cabinets. The shape is related to the key to the success or failure of kitchen cabinets design. A good, beautiful shape, can bring a visual sense of beauty and spiritual pleasure and comfort.

2, the material beauty of modern kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets design shape has been able to give viewers a sense of beauty, but also based on its material. We know that any shape of kitchen cabinets through the material to create the form, there is no suitable material, the unique shape of the difficult to achieve, in terms of kitchen cabinets, in fact, is attached to the material and process technology, and through the work art technology to be reflected.

3, beauty of color, modern kitchen cabinets. Color is a wealth to symbolic element symbols, itself no feelings, but in people's lives, it has become a tool of emotional expression. In kitchen cabinets design, the use of color reflects the design style of the living environment, reflecting the occupational characteristics of occupants, aesthetic taste and cultural qualities.

4, modern kitchen cabinets design ergonomic. kitchen cabinets is not good-looking, strange line, but also comfortable and convenient to use. Modern kitchen cabinets design with particular emphasis and ergonomic combined. Ergonomic emphasis on "people-oriented", and stress all human services, in order to under the premise of a human being to consider other factors.