The Maintenance Tips for Kitchen

Author:RosenKitchen, 2024-03-08

Cabinet maintenance tips
The maintenance of cabinets: The environmental protection of logs is naturally good, but most domestic manufacturers use PE lacquer to ensure the surface treatment of color effects. The environmental performance of such lacquer is questioned. In the course of use, PE paint requires a large amount of solvents to evaporate to form a paint film. Such a paint film is not as hard as the resin is cured, and the volatilization of the solvent causes certain environmental pollution, and it also brings about to the construction personnel. Health damage.
Cabinet maintenance II: The weight of each pair of hanging cabinets is 120 kg (the weight of the cabinet itself + the weight of the object). Please be sure to ensure that the contents do not exceed the load-bearing range (the weight of each object contained in the cabinet is not More than 30 kilograms, the weight of each shelf should not exceed 10 kilograms) to avoid potential safety hazards due to deformation.
Cabinet maintenance III: The current domestic manufacturers solid wood cabinet technology level is still a long way from the international, domestic solid wood cabinet doors currently due to the production process can not reach, there are problems of easy deformation, easy to dry, rough surface, even on the market there is a Imitation solid wood is made of medium-density board and multi-layer solid wood, plus paint. Pay attention when buying. Imported solid wood cabinet door panels are expensive and less changeable in appearance. The imported brands include Germany, Italy and Spain.
Cookware maintenance tips
The first step in the maintenance of the cooking appliances is to regularly clean the dirt on the fire holes of the fire lid and prevent the fire holes from being blocked, resulting in insufficient combustion of the gas. After the cooker cover is damaged, be sure to select the original product accessories for replacement, do not arbitrarily replace, so as not to cause poor combustion.
The second step in the maintenance of cooking appliances: long-term use of intake hose will be aging or damaged, creating a security risk. Therefore, when the air intake hose has an aging phenomenon, it should be replaced in time. Remember that adhesive tape cannot be used after sticking.
The third step in the maintenance of cooking appliances: use a neutral detergent during the cleaning process, do not use acidic substances (lemon, vinegar, etc.) to scrub the gas cooker.
Floor maintenance tips
The floor can be maintained like this. When the solid wood floor is being maintained, be sure to keep the floor dry and clean and avoid contact with large amounts of water. Do not scrub with alkaline water, soapy water or other corrosive liquids to avoid damage to the paint film; use a wrung cotton mop to wipe. If the stain is rubbed with steel wool, wet mop, gasoline, flammable materials, and high temperatures are not acceptable. Wipe the liquid.
The wax is applied at regular intervals. The interval depends on the finish of the floor finish. It is recommended to wax at least twice a year. The method is to use a semi-dry rag to clean the floor and wax, the floor wax to be evenly applied to the surface of the floor and make it "saturated", wait a little dry and then use a dry soft cloth to wipe back and forth on the floor, until smooth and translucent . This is one of the nice ways.
Oil stains, paints, and inks can be wiped with a special stain-removing oil; stains such as blood stains, juices, red wine, and beer should be wiped with a damp cloth or a suitable amount of floor cleaner with a rag; wax and chewing gum should be kept on ice for a while. Let it freeze and shrink, and then gently scrape it, and then wipe it with a damp cloth or with a rag and a suitable amount of floor cleaner. It is not possible to clean composite wood floors with strong acid-base liquids. We can also maintain the floor like this.