How To Design The Kitchen Moving Line

Author:RosenKitchen, 2024-02-23

People are the main body of life, so the decoration design of the kitchen is mainly humanized. Many people only follow the trend of kitchen cabinet design, but are not satisfied with the actual use. Washing vegetables and bending over, cooking and meeting each other, the kitchen is in a mess, this is the result of ignoring the humanized design. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet decoration should be people-oriented. When designing and decorating the kitchen, it is necessary to consider the size of the house, the height of the user and the selection of kitchen cabinet materials. There is a standard of movement in kitchen life, so what is the movement of the kitchen? How to design the kitchen line? Let's take a look at it together.

What is the flow of the kitchen

It is the distance we traveled from the washing-cutting-stirring area. Whether the movement line is reasonable directly affects the convenience of cooking in the kitchen. The design of the moving line is determined by the size of the kitchen, the type of house, the sink, the kitchen cabinet, and the location of the range hood.

How to design the kitchen line

Kitchen line 1:

I-shaped kitchen cabinet, the washing, cutting, and frying areas are arranged in sequence

The I-shaped kitchen cabinet is a typical rectangular apartment, and its moving line design is designed in the order of: taking vegetables (refrigerator)-washing vegetables (sink)-cutting vegetables (operating table)-cooking (stove). If the kitchen space is not enough, you can place the refrigerator in a non-linear area of the I-shaped kitchen cabinet, and pay attention to keeping a certain distance between the refrigerator (electricity) and the sink (water).

Kitchen line 2:

II-shaped kitchen cabinet, triangle area design can be used on both sides

The double II-shaped kitchen cabinet has more space, so both sides of the cooking area can be used. The kitchen cabinet design is based on the triangular moving line, and commonly used stoves, sinks, and refrigerators are all in this area. At the same time, pay attention to the distance of the middle corridor to keep 1 meter, this distance can accommodate two people walking, it will not affect the opening and closing of the two rows of kitchen cabinet doors.

Kitchen line 3:

L-shaped kitchen cabinet, all cooking functions are in the triangle area.

The flow of the L-shaped kitchen cabinet is suitable for most kitchens. Its design feature is: the main function is in a triangular area, and you can walk from the cooking area to the vegetable washing area in one step. The functional areas it can satisfy include refrigerator, sink, cutting vegetables, stove, serving plates, etc.

Kitchen line 4:

U-shaped kitchen cabinet, the most powerful storage function

The requirement of U-shaped kitchen cabinet is that the area is greater than 5 square meters. Except for the area occupied by the kitchen cabinets, the width of the walkway in the middle is about 1.6 meters. Its washing, cutting, and frying functional areas are also in a small triangle area, and you can finish cooking by turning around. When designing, placing bowls and basins under the cabinets for cutting and cooking vegetables can improve the convenience of cooking.

Kitchen line 5:

Island-style kitchen cabinet, with reasonable movement requirements

The design of the island-style kitchen cabinet requires the width to be greater than 2 meters, and the size of the island should not be less than 80-120 cm. This kind of kitchen cabinet is suitable for multi-person cooking and is the first choice for those who like open kitchens. The sink is on the middle island, which can satisfy both sides of cooking at the same time. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the convenience of entering and exiting the kitchen cabinet, because the cooking of multiple people will affect each other.