How to Clean The Kitchen Cabinet

Author:RosenKitchen, 2024-02-02

As the main part of the kitchen, the kitchen cabinet can't escape the oil pollution for a long time, and it will easily become greasy. In order to keep the value of kitchen cabinets online and in normal use, daily cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Step 1: You will need multipurpose kitchen spray, a double-sided household sponge, a soft cloth and paper towels.


Step 2: Upper kitchen cabinets
As with all cleaning tasks, start at the top and work your way down. Spray a little multipurpose kitchen cabinets spray onto the dirty areas. Gentle scrub with the abrasive side of a sponge to remove any marks and smudges. Be thorough around the handles as this is where germs can fester. Remove the cleaning product and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Giving the kitchen cabinets surface a final wipe with a paper towel, this will polish to a shine without leaving lint.


Step 3: Kitchen cabinets worktop surfaces
Squirt the multipurpose kitchen cabinets spray onto the worktop area and scrub the entire area. Use the other, sponge side to remove the product. Dry with a soft cloth and finally buff with a paper towel.


Step 4: Lower drawers and base kitchen cabinets
Repeat the same pattern to the lower kitchen cabinets surfaces. Spray, scrub, wipe and buff. Pay special attention to the areas which are handled the most and the bottom which can get knocked by feet.


Step 5: Remove any drips

If any of the cleaning product has dripped onto the floor wipe away with a paper towel for a spotless finish. Clean, shiny and germ free.