The Design of Kitchen Cabinets

Author:RosenKitchen, 2024-01-19

Pay attention to environmental protection
The kitchen cabinets must be environmentally friendly, and they are mainly embodied on the plates. The glue used for the plates is urine aldehyde resin glue. There is more than one type of sheet metal at home, and the pollution will be superimposed. The solution is to minimize the amount of formaldehyde released from all selected materials.


Countertop selection
The countertop is an extremely important part of the kitchen. If the countertop is not good, it will appear: scratches, penetration, and table breakage.
The countertops on the market are mostly quartz stone, and the main component of quartz stone is actually called quartz sand. The higher the quartz sand content, the higher the hardness and the higher the density, and the less likely it is to break and bleed.


Reasonable line
A well-designed kitchen cabinet, first of all, the kitchen line should be clear and reasonable. Common kitchen types are - one-word, u-shaped and L-shaped. These types do not have a good or bad point in the strict sense, and you can choose the structure that suits your house.
For example, the elongated kitchen is suitable for the flat-shaped kitchen cabinets, and the kitchen space is larger and larger, and the U-shaped kitchen cabinets can be used. However, no matter what the moving line, the storage area, the preparation area and the cooking area are divided according to the cooking process. A reasonable kitchen line is the top priority.


Kitchen cabinet space
Make full use of the size of the kitchen kitchen cabinet, reasonable choice of kitchen cabinets can make the kitchen no dead ends, cutlery trays have the knife and fork have their own place, the appliance racks let the size of the home appliances in order, the drain kitchen cabinet makes the bowls no longer wet The mixing kitchen cabinet partition allows the bottles and cans to be placed in an orderly manner~ The table is clean and tidy, and it is no problem!


Choose hardware
The kitchen cabinet doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinets are often used for switching, so the hinges, slide rails, damping, and the quality of these kitchen cabinet hardware have a great influence on the durability of the kitchen cabinet.
The selection of hardware can be examined from four aspects: door hinge, handle, kitchen cabinet connection and guide rail. The good door hinge is made of one-shot alloy with a smooth surface. Due to the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, stable and strong, and has strong bearing capacity, which makes the kitchen cabinet door stretch freely, and there is no serious door closing.