Overall Custom Kitchen Cabinet Tips

Author:RosenKitchen, 2023-11-23

Style, first consider what kind of style you like, such as Chinese, American, European, modern and simple, simple European, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, mix and match and other styles, in advance to understand, to facilitate the future into the store with a targeted selection purchase.

Materials, materials used in the whole cabinet include solid wood particle board, solid wood multilayer board, stainless steel, and density board.

Solid wood particle board is made of wood material scraps, the application of adhesive under the heat and pressure synthesis of artificial wood panels, not easy to deformation, holding nail strength, relative stability, is a good material for the furniture industry.

Solid wood plywood is a material that is peeled into veneer or veneer from wooden or wood sections and then glued into three or more layers. The material is relatively light, good elasticity and good stability. Easy processing and finishing, the amount of glue used is relatively large, if the construction site needs to be well-sealed to reduce pollution.

Stainless steel is a common material, durable, bright and clean surface, simple lines, but due to not easy processing, low aesthetics, not easy to post-care care, the selection of household cabinets is less.

MDF, also known as fiberboard, is made of high-quality wood fiber or other plant fiber as the raw material, and the adhesive is used to make the man-made board. According to the density can be divided into high-density board, medium density board, low-density board.

Customize the overall cabinet flow, although the merchant salesperson will tell you, but it's better to understand it in advance. First, the appointment of a business designer to measure the size of the door, usually three days out of a good plan for an appointment time to go to the business selection to determine the suit, sign the contract, (contract content must be read, look at the contract whether the business promised after-sales warranty content).

To understand the installation in advance, especially when the whole cabinet installation of the whole room has a lot of installation details, so the installation of the master to be experienced. When installing the entire cabinet on the site, it is necessary to carry out protective measures for other items on the site, such as newly-laid wooden floors. This protective measure must be negotiated with the merchant when the contract is signed, and it will be very troublesome. There are also some household appliances, especially kitchens, that tell us what electrical appliances they need when they communicate with the cabinet designer. When the designer draws out the water and electricity drawings, the designer will reserve the outlets for water and electricity according to the location of the installation, which will facilitate the later period. Use, but also facilitate the addition of additional appliances and use tools later.