Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

Author:RosenKitchen, 2023-11-10

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The paint film of the lacquer kitchen cabinet will be discolored due to high temperature, so during use, avoid direct sunlight on the kitchen cabinet door as soon as possible. If the sunlight can enter the balcony window directly, it’s recommend that use some shielding on the window.

Avoid Acid and Alkali gases

In the course of use, try to avoid acidic, alkali substance contracting with the door of lacquer kitchen cabinet, so as to prevent paint film of kitchen cabinet being corroded. If the soy sauce, vinegar and wine are sprinkled on the surface of lacquer kitchen cabinet door, wipe it with clean cotton cloth in dipped a little water in time.

Prevent Scratches

The paint film surface of lacquer kitchen cabinet door is flat about 0.3 mm, and it is afraid of bumps and scratches. Moreover, once it is damaged, it is difficult to repair, and it need to replace as a whole. Therefore, during the use, it is carefully to take care of, and shape objects should be avoid to scratch the surface of lacquer kitchen cabinet door.

Daily Cleaning

In the process of daily use, it is difficult to prevent oil smoke in the bathroom and kitchen. When the surface of lacquer kitchen cabinet door has peculiar smell and oil stains, it can be wiped with detergent. Pay attention to the ratio of detergent : water = 1:10, and the rags need a clean cotton cloth. After scrubbing with detergent, be sure to wipe with clean water, otherwise it will cause color cast after a long time.