The styles of custom kitchen cabinet

Author:RosenKitchen, 2023-11-10

The kitchen is the main place for the family to cook food, and a pleasing kitchen can bring comfortable visual enjoyment. In the kitchen decoration, kitchen cabinets account for a large part of the kitchen visual enjoyment and use area. There are various styles of kitchen cabinets, and the preference of style reflects people's life philosophy and lifestyle choices.

Modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style of kitchen cabinet are mostly simple and generous, focusing on functionality, pursuing rationality, simple and natural materials and smooth lines. The colors are matched with white, maple, walnut, etc., without excessive decoration.


Kitchen cabinet can not only dominate the style of the kitchen, but also affect the atmosphere of the space. After adopting suitable items collocation, a kitchen cabinet with good texture and simple spatial lines can present the rationality of simple style.

Nordic style

In the use of colors, this type of kitchen cabinet is more inclined to light colors, such as pure white, beige, etc. Generally speaking, white is the main color, and some bright pure colors are used for embellishment, or black and white. Mainly, do not add any other colors. In addition, white, black, brown, gray and light blue are the colors commonly used in Nordic style kitchen cabinet.


The simplicity of the Nordic style is reflected in the home decoration, that is, the ceiling, wall, and floor of the interior are completely free of patterns and patterns, and only lines and color blocks are used to distinguish and embellish. This type of dress is more inclined to have a spacious indoor area, smooth inside and outside, and to maximize the introduction of natural light.

American style

The American style of kitchen cabinet is in the same line as the European style, and both value decoration, but the lines are more rough, reflecting the wild and pioneering personality of Americans. Specifically, the kitchen cabinet is divided into two styles: American old style and American country style. An important feature of American style kitchen cabinet is that it is more practical. In addition to bluebell, wheat beams and urn-shaped decorations, there are also some patriotic patterns in the United States, such as eagle-shaped patterns. They are often decorated with inlays and decorated with paint or bas-relief.